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Zignone Cobalt Blue S100 Merino Wool with Dark Navy Windowpane


In our new seasonal collection we made sure to include - in addition to our wide 365 collection - an evergreen range of business essentials. Because - sooner or later - we all will need a new and fresh cut to the bone timeless business suit in a quality you can wear day to day.

Boost your productivity with this tropical Super 100 Merino wool plain weave clearcut suit fabric, made in Italy by Lanificio Zignone. Super-fine and super-wearable, this cobalt blue fabric with a dark navy windowpane makes you a perfect year-round suit; cool in summer and comfortable in the colder months.

Complete your look with a crisp plain white shirt and a pair of black calf plain tip Oxford shoes.

Available in a traditional, full canvas or soft tailoring make. We recommend to get this suit in a traditional or full canvas make for a more pronounced silhouette that cultivates a clear cut and professional go-to-work look.

Note: Once you place your order we will contact you about measurements and configuration details.
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