Corporate Services

PAK Corporate Services offers your company, organization or team the opportunity to get high quality custom-made outfits for both men and women at special conditions. There are several ways to make use of the PAK Corporate Services:

Corporate Identity

PAK dresses all employees and/or team members, both men and women, equal and representative for daily wear, events and fairs, according to your corporate identity. With an extensive basic collection full of suits, jackets, overcoats, shirts, shoes and accessories we can dress up your company.

At PAK we understand that your employees and/or team members have different shapes and sizes and we offer a range of fit options to provide an outfit that suits everyone. We fulfil specific needs and guarantee the quality and service that creates unity, professionalism and shows what your company and/or team really stands for!

Group Order

For a group order for 10 men or more, where every individual can select his own fabric, fit and product options, PAK offers an attractive group order package, depending our group size and order volume. PAK offers this service only for men.

The complete group is served in one session. Measuring and fabric selection can be done on your location or a PAK location.

The PAK Group Order Service is a great tool for companies, organization and teams that consider a well-dressed and representative look important and like to facilitate this in an easy and fun way for their people.

Custom-made credit

Another option is where your company or organization opens a credit with PAK and your employees, team members and/or business partners place custom-made orders individually against the credit booked.

The PAK Custom-Made Credit Service is a great tool for rewarding business partners or employees with the flexibility to do so throughout the year and on an individual basis. Periodically you receive order reports with a timely notification when your credit reaches zero.

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