Terms & Conditions


  • PAK issues gift cards of various amounts, which are available for purchase online. Gift cards can be used online or at a PAK Roadshow Event. Our gift cards have no expiration date.
  • Please note that gift cards cannot be returned or cancelled after purchase, nor be exchanged for cash (except where required by applicable law). Should the purchaser return a product (partially) purchased with a gift card, the refund will be (partially) credited to a new gift card, for a maximum of the amount originally charged for the product.
  • If multiple products have been purchased using multiple payment methods, any refund with regard to a returned product will first be credited to a new gift card, then to the credit/debit card or PayPal account (up to the original amount charged thereto), and the remainder in cash.
  • PAK is not responsible for a gift card which is lost, stolen, damaged or used without purchaser’s permission.
  • PAK reserves the right to refuse gift cards for suspected fraud.
  •  PAK reverses the right to update or amend these gift card terms and conditions at any time, without prior notice.